Are we willing—truly willing—to give the center of our hearts and our lives to Jesus?
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Visiting a community of sisters can be a helpful step in discerning your vocation.
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The necessary context for discerning God's will.
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by Sr. Marie Paul Curley, FSPTip #1: Nurture Your Vocation with Learning about the SaintsI vividly remember how miserable I was one day when I had to stay home from school because I was sick. It was fun until the bus picked up my brothers and sisters and I was left home alone with my mom, restricted to bed. Usually I’d read a good book, but I didn’t have anything new from the library.On the shelf was a thick book of short stories I hadn't read yet. The title was 57 Sain...
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I believe God can call you to religious life at any age, in any way. He began calling me when I was only seven. I said yes. And it’s made ALL the difference in my life! Dressing UpJesus used the sisters who taught me in grammar school to first attract me to the religious life. Everything about them fascinated me. Even though I was too young to understand many particulars about their life, I did intuit the most important thing—they were in love! These women genuinely loved the Lo...
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