What Would Our Founder Say to Us Today?

April 4 is the anniversary of the birth of Bl. James Alberione, Founder of the Daughters of St. Paul. What would he say to the Daughters of St. Paul today? Here are his words that both encourage and challenge us---we hope they do the same for you! (Maybe YOU are one of the "new apostles" he speaks about!)

"The Church is on the move.
With the progress brought by the passing of time
has also come an increase
in the dangers and the means that do harm to souls.
But at the same time, the Lord raises up in the Church
new undertakings, new apostolates, and new apostles, who,
with new means, communicate the message of salvation.

Men and women apostles appear,
who burn with the love of God
because of their deep spiritual life.
The many hours you spend
in intimate conversation with Jesus Master refresh your spirit daily
and keep you anchored to the Tabernacle.

These hours are alternated with those you spend on the move:
on the crowded streets of great cities, in factories, schools, hospitals,
on the paths that lead to isolated houses, on beaches, mountains,
in prisons---everywhere, in search of souls.

Ever onward!
according to the motto of our Father St. Paul:
'I strain forward.'
You have reached all continents,
yet, as you go from one nation to the other,
or fly over mountains in a plane, or cross oceans,
do not speak of what has been done.
Move on towards eternity.

Ever onward!"

(Bl. James Alberione, born on April 4, 1884, is the Founder of the Daughters of St. Paul and of the Pauline Family.)


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