A new #MediaNuns "Forever Yes"!

A new #MediaNuns "Forever Yes"!

Today is the day! Sr. Emily Beata gave her #ForeverYes to the Lord at 10:30am EST at her home parish, Saint Mary of Lourdes Catholic Church in Bemus Point, NY. Join us in profound joy and thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness! (And you can pray with us the beautiful prayer that Sister Emily Beata chose for this day in the image below.) 


Words of our superior to the new perpetually professed sister: “Dear Sr. Emily Beata, now you belong forever to this family of the Daughters of St. Paul; and from now on everything will be in common among us.”

After professing her perpetual vows, Sister Emily Beata is hugged by all her sisters who were able to be present!

It has been a long and beautiful journey to this joyous day! See the stages to become one of the #MediaNuns

Postulancy: 2 years of discernment living with the community

Novitiate: 2 years studying the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience

Temporary vows: 5-6 years renewing vows annually

TODAY: #FinalsVows: #ForeverYes!!!

Stages to becoming a #MediaNun (from left to right): Postulant, Novice, Temporary Professed and new Perpetual Professed Sr. Emily Beata!




Perpetual Profession, Making Perpetual Vows


Discern Your Vocation, Discover Pauline Life, Life as a #MediaNun


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