What's Been Happening and What's Coming Up

Wow! We're almost a whole month in to 2020 already! There's been a lot happening around our convents, and lots more coming up!


What's Been Happening:

January 1: We brought in the New Year, as we always do, with Eucharistic Adoration until midnight on New Year's Eve. Bl. James Alberione received the inspiration to found our community in Eucharistic Adoration on New Year's Eve, 1900-1901. Around the world, Daughters of St. Paul gather in adoration to thank Jesus the Divine Master for the past year, to ask his grace on the upcoming year, and to pray for the whole world.

January 24: We attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C. with nearly half a million other people.

January 25: We celebrated the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul!!!

January 26: The Sisters in Toronto hosted "Noodles with Nuns" (stay tuned for future editions!).


What's Coming Up:

February: Sr Emily Beata (our vocation director) will be traveling to College Station, Texas, and Miami, Florida. If you're in those areas and want to meet up, email vocations@paulinemedia.com!

April 8-13: Our annual Holy Week Discernment Retreat will take place in Boston. The retreat includes the Holy Week liturgies, conferences on prayer and discernment, Eucharistic Adoration, a silent retreat day, experience of our mission and our community life, recreation, and more. To register for the retreat, email vocations@paulinemedia.com!

Spring: Many of our communities will be hosting discernment events; keep an eye on our social media and events page for dates locations!



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