2019 Christmas Concert Tour

2019 Christmas Concert Tour

Every year, ten to twelve Daughters of St. Paul from all over the United States gather at our motherhouse in Boston. They spend the days immediately before and after Thanksgiving in our sound studio, rehearsing…Christmas songs! They learn the harmonies, practice the choreography, dig out the red scarves, and get ready to go on the road for our annual Christmas concert tour.


Why a Christmas concert tour? Well, we Daughters of St. Paul exist to proclaim the Gospel both through our lives and through all available forms of media. One of the most powerful forms of media, especially at Christmas time, is music. Music touches the heart in a way that nothing else can. Music allows us to proclaim the Good News that Christ is born, is with us, loves us, and will never leave us.


Each year, our Sisters meet thousands of people in all walks of life and in all stages of faith, doubt, and everything in between. Through our presence, our music, the witness of our lives given over to the Lord, and above all through our prayer, we strive to bring Jesus to every single person.


So! Enjoy the trailer for this year’s “He Is Born” Christmas concert tour. If you are in a city where the Sisters are singing (list of cities here), consider coming to sing and celebrate with us. And please join us in praying for everyone who will hear our music this year. He is born!



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