Media Nuns in the Media!

Media Nuns in the Media!

Our Sisters are often called upon to appear on podcasts, radio, and TV, or to be interviewed by various news outlets and social media personalities. We’re always happy about this for a few reasons.


First, it gives us an opportunity to share the good news of God’s love in our life and in our community. We love getting the Good News out there!

Second, it also gives us an opportunity to personally meet, interact with, and pray for those who work in the media. This is a key part of our charism, deeply felt by all Daughters of St. Paul. Not only do we ourselves work in the media, but we prayerfully accompany everyone else who works in the media!


We have a beautiful prayer called the “Pauline Offertory,” in which we offer ourselves with Jesus in reparation for the harm caused by the media, and in order that the media will do much good and bring many people to God.


Here are a few media appearances that you may wish to check out! Join us in praying that everyone who reads and sees these “may follow Jesus alone, whom you, Father, in your boundless love, sent into the world, saying: This is my beloved Son, hear him” (Pauline Offertory).

Sr. Theresa Aletheia:

Sr. Andrew Marie:

Sr. Emily Beata:



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