Meet Sr. Mary Margaret!

Meet Sr. Mary Margaret!

This week, meet Sr. Mary Margaret! Currently stationed in Boston, Sr. Mary Margaret has LOTS of experience as a Daughter of St. Paul. She has traveled all over the country (and the world!) and has great advice for living a life of prayer and discernment. She is a woman of deep prayer, and among her Sisters, she is famous for her love of popcorn!

What is your name? Sr Mary Margaret

Where are you from originally? Rochester, NY

How long have you been a Sister? I have been in the convent for 63 years, and a professed sister for 60.

Briefly, how did you meet the Daughters of St. Paul? When I was 22, I thought about being a religious sister. My parents owned an Italian bakery and I so happened to be working in the store when two Daughters of St. Paul came in. They asked me if I wanted to be a sister.

What are some assignments you’ve had as a Daughter of St. Paul? Mostly I was in our bookcenters, some door-to-door evangelization, receptionist in Boston, and several years in the Sales Department [of our publishing house] in Boston, and now I help out in our Development Office.

What is one thing you have done as a Sister that you never thought you’d do? Traveling from coast to coast, and going to Hawaii, Italy, and France.

Where is one place you have gone as a Sister that you never thought you’d go? Lourdes, France

Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? Yes, maple walnut!

A favorite snack? Cookies and fruit

What is your favorite place where you have been stationed? Why? It was our convent in Buffalo, NY. I had a very kind superior, enjoyed the Sisters there, and liked being in the bookcenter. Now I like being stationed in Boston with many Sisters.

Are you a morning person or a night person? Night person!

Coffee or tea? Coffee

What is your favorite Scripture verse? John 15, “I am the true vine,” and Philippians 4, “Rejoice in the Lord always.”

What is your favorite quote from Fr. Alberione or Mother Thecla? “You cannot always be happy, but you can always be at peace.” (Mother Thecla)

What advice would you give to a young woman in discernment? To pray and look for an order which you think you would like to give your life to. Get advice from people you trust.

Finish the sentence: “If I had a hundred lives….” I would give my life to God all over again and hope to do even better!



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