Mary is Mother, Teacher, and Queen

Mary is Mother, Teacher, and Queen

August is traditionally known as the “month of heaven,” because during August we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven (August 15), and the feast of the coronation of Mary as Queen of heaven and earth (August 22). Bl. James Alberione and Mother Thecla Merlo always encouraged us to look to heaven and think of paradise, especially when things are tough. Here are two prayers written by Bl. Alberione and Mother Thecla to help you do just that!

Mary our Queen, Mother, and Mediatrix
Written by Bl. James Alberione

Mary, Star of the Sea, my gentle sovereign, our life and Queen of peace, how great and how wonderful the day on which the august Trinity crowned you Queen of heaven and earth, dispenser of all graces, our most lovable Mother—what a triumph for you! What happiness for the angels, for the saints, for the earth, for purgatory! I know, O Mary, that those who love you will be saved, and that those who love you greatly will be holy and will participate one day in your triumph in heaven. I do not doubt your clemency or your power; I fear my inconstancy in praying to you.
Obtain for me perseverance, O Mary; be my salvation. I feel my passions, the devil, the world. Mary, keep me close to you and to your Jesus! Do not permit me to fall, do not leave me even for an instant, O Mother. It is consoling to cast the first glance upon you in the morning, to walk under your mantle during the day, to fall asleep under your gaze at night. You have smiles for innocent children, strength for struggling youth, light for working men and women, comfort for the elderly awaiting heaven. Mary, to you I entrust my entire life; pray for me now and in the final battle at the hour of my death. Receive my soul when it breathes its last and do not leave me until I kneel before your throne in heaven, to love you for all eternity. O Mary, my Queen, my advocate, my sweetness, obtain for me holy perseverance.
Queen of the Apostles, pray for us.

Mary, Enlighten Us
Written by Mother Thecla Merlo

O Mary, Mother, Teacher, and Queen, enlighten, comfort, and provide for everything. You see our material, moral, and spiritual needs. Let there be in this house one heart and one soul, for your love and with your help. Crush the head of the devil who wants to sow weeds among these souls consecrated to you. For you everything is possible. We want to be docile, docile subjects. We want to obey you, remain united to you who are our teacher! Obtain for us a great humility, docility, charity. You see that we are poor, miserable, and in need of everything! In you we trust, to you we entrust ourselves. With your help, we want this house to become a house of charity and perfect union, where Jesus will remain in our midst and where we want to be with him, with you. And then to arrive in paradise all of us together to praise you and bless you for all eternity. Amen.



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