Meet Sr. Diane!

Meet Sr. Diane!

We love introducing you to our Sisters! This week, meet Sr. Diane Leonard! Originally from San Diego, currently stationed in Hawaii...she has lots of experience and lots of stories!


1.     What is your name?  Sr. Diane Leonard Kraus 


2.     Where are you from originally? San Diego, CA


3.     How long have you been a Sister? 42 years


4.     Briefly, how did you meet the Daughters of St. Paul?  At the San Diego bookcenter


5.     What are some assignments you’ve had as a Daughter of St. Paul?  Going out on direct evangelization to people in homes, businesses, parishes, schools, and also reaching out to people through our bookcenters in cities where I have been stationed such as New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Honolulu.


6.     What is one thing you have done as a Sister that you never thought you’d do? Be on a radio show briefly with some of my other Sisters.


7.     Where is one place you have gone as a Sister that you never thought you’d go? Lourdes, France


8.     Do you have a brief “mission moment” that you could share (a brief story of how our Pauline mission has touched a life)? I met woman who told me it was so consoling for her ill and dying  mother to be able to listen to comforting and inspiring music sung by our Sisters.


9.     Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor?  Pistachio


10.  What is your favorite place where you have been stationed? Why? Cleveland because of the friendly people, a lot of good connections and collaboration with the local church for our mission, the people are so family-oriented. The Society of St. Paul (our brother congregation) is relatively close and we’d go there some Sundays for Mass and breakfast or monthly retreats. Steubenville University was close enough to visit for outreach to young people. (But sorry, the Cleveland location  is now closed.)  Honolulu is my second favorite and current place of assignment.


11.  Do you have a favorite movie?  One favorite is “The Scarlet and the Black.” A new favorite is “Music of Silence.”


12.  Board games or charades? Board games!


13.  What advice would you give to a young woman in discernment? Pray to ask God where He is calling you. Get information about various communities and visit or contact them and learn more about the various charisms. You will be at peace and find fulfillment in the vocation God is calling you to.



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